Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Synergy 2010

Aahh the groupies
You Know you at a rock concert when people are wearing shoes like these !
More groupies
The mosh pit courtesy of the band ' the hogs'

Nothing like a bit of air guitar or is that rake guitar
Tamara from ' Flash Republic'
Van Coke Cartel
Prime Circle
My absolute favourites , 'Goldfish'
The amount of rubbish we generate at festivals is shocking !


colldesign said...

Thanks for sharing Pete. It really takes me away to a faraway land... i'm glad i never have to relive... Slam dancing -for guys only.
I love your photos. Enjoyed every one of them! kewl. My favourite is the guy with his green rake-gueet!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME !!!!!!! Love em !!! loved em since we were screamagers up at Lamberts n Jeffreys etc - keep up the awesome work mate, Rex , EZ