Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fujifilm Photograhic Awards 2010

Just received the news today that i was awarded silver in the 'portrait' category of the 2010 Fujifilm Photographic Awards for Southern Africa. The picture that won was taken in Hamburg in the Eastern Cape when we had been invited by the womens granddaughter to come and experience a traditional Xhosa lunch. The grandaughter had given birth a few days before my wife so they had plenty to share over lunch while i took the opportunity to ask the umakhulu to pose for me.
Here's a link to the various categories and winners : http://www.fujifilm.co.za/teltron/view/teltron/en/page13349


Candy said...

Thats wonderful Peter! Even MORE affirmation to your talented ability to capture love,grace,honour and wisdom. To me, that's what epitomises a Gogo and I see it in your portrait.

Jacki Bruniquel said...

Awesome news Pete!!!! And lets hope this gets through now. Welldone!

carmen Visser said...

beautiful Peter, absolutely beautiful!!love your stuff!