Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hayley and Jack's wedding

"All you need is love" was the theme song sung at Jack and Hayley's wedding, and isn't it the perfect reason to get married?! Jack is English and Hayley is a South African who fell in love as students in England. As most couples of mixed nationality know, its tricky to have all the important members of both families present in one country. And because their love has made its home in England, they chose to holiday in sunny Cape Town and wed under African skies. I'm certain the second celebration back home was filled with as much fun and laughter as this one. (I'd have been happy to do both and catch up with my sister and her kids over there, so don't be shy to suggest it next time if you're in a similar position). 

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Hayley said...

Oh Peter! I've just seen this post and would have LOVED to have you in England too! Don't be shy to suggest it to people :)

The Oxford pics weren't even 1% as good as your Cape Town ones. Your ones are our best ones, and are up on walls all over our house!